Before I go into the details of Windows Updates, and the current issues, a quick reminder:

Windows Vista has longer been supported by Microsoft since April 2017. At this time, anyone still using it is strongly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible. Any version of Windows newer is suitable, but 7 is recommended, as most older Vista laptops are incapable of running anything newer; LCCD can assist with any hardware upgrades needed, as well as help with purchasing the needed software. Do please note, however, that some Vista laptops cannot be upgraded due to hardware limitations.

At the time of writing, various customers (and computer shops) have told me that updates for any version of Windows except 10 are becoming increasingly difficult to install, mainly due to the incredibly long time (sometimes days, or even weeks) that these updates are taking to download.

The other ongoing problem with Windows 10 updates relates to some newer computers, such as the Acer Cloudbook series. These machines only have a small amount of storage available, 32Gb or less, as they are designed to keep work files in the ‘cloud’ (i.e. Onedrive, usually, for windows) and not on the laptop. Because of this, these machines do not have the room to install large updates, and frequently crash because they run out of space. There are various ways of resolving this issue, LCCD has experience in this, please contact us via if you need help.

Now, research by an online site ( as well as tests carried out by LCCD have proved that this problem is resolvable. Contact us via if you need help.