Services offered by Lee Cooke Computing and Design

The main services available from Lee Cooke Computing and Design are detailed below:

Computer Support (call outs available):

The business has been running for over twenty six years, and in this time a large number of individuals and small businesses have called on my services. Examples range from basic ‘helpline’ services (just being on the end of a telephone or email when needed) through to providing the services normally associated with a complete IT department (see below for further details).

Computer Maintenance

This has been both of a ‘problem preventing’ nature (installing Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware software, together with training in its use) as well as repairs including, but not limited to, data recovery and complete system software and/or hardware rebuild (as has been the case with some older laptops).

Computer Upgrades

The normal reason for these is the need for Upgrading either the Operating System itself (i.e. from Vista to Windows 7 or 8) or changing the system because an older piece of software is no longer supported. (PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT recommend upgrading laptops that are running/have been running Windows XP. There are other solutions for running older software.)

‘One to One’ application and system training

Examples in this category range from teaching Mail Merge on a Word processing package right through to a recent long-term project which has been assisting a client with getting a book published (see for further details). This category normally covers items such as creating a ‘step by step’ list of instructions in conjunction with the client (normally while they are actually performing the steps on their own equipment). Once the list of steps has been agreed upon, this is converted into a typed manual for the client’s day to day use.