The main services available from Lee Cooke Computing and Design are detailed below:

Computer Support (call outs available):

The business has been running for over twenty six years, and in this time a large number of individuals and small businesses have called on my services. Examples range from basic ‘helpline’ services (just being on the end of a telephone or email when needed) through to providing the services normally associated with a complete IT department (see below for further details).

Computer Maintenance

This has been both of a ‘problem preventing’ nature (installing Anti-Virus, Firewall and Anti-Spyware software, together with training in its use) as well as repairs including, but not limited to, data recovery and complete system software and/or hardware rebuild (as has been the case with some older laptops).

Computer Upgrades

The normal reason for these is the need for Upgrading either the Operating System itself (i.e. from Vista to Windows 7 or 8) or changing the system because an older piece of software is no longer supported. (PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT recommend upgrading laptops that are running/have been running Windows XP. There are other solutions for running older software.)

‘One to One’ application and system training

Examples in this category range from teaching Mail Merge on a Word processing package right through to a recent long-term project which has been assisting a client with getting a book published (see for further details). This category normally covers items such as creating a ‘step by step’ list of instructions in conjunction with the client (normally while they are actually performing the steps on their own equipment). Once the list of steps has been agreed upon, this is converted into a typed manual for the client’s day to day use.

Provision of Driver CDs and disks (subject to copyright restrictions) 

This has normally happened when a virus or spyware ‘attack’ has caused a large amount of corruption to a client’s hard drive, and the only solution is to completely reinstall the PC. The problems usually occur on ‘pre-installed’ machines, where the original install CD’s are either not provided or no longer available (but the client still must have the necessary licenses for the software, or purchase replacements) 

Telephone/email/fax support service 

This is normally the ‘first point of contact’ for LCCD. This is usually not counted as a support service in its own right, but a means of progressing onto one of the other services. Occasionally problems can be quickly resolved over the email, such as sending a client a list of steps (as mentioned above) or a segment of HTML code, as well as PDF files with setup instructions and screenshots (examples available on request, subject to client confidentiality). 

Installation of necessary software and hardware to allow Internet access 

This can be as simple as fitting a ‘dialup’ modem (internal or external) or can be more involved, such as installing ADSL (either direct, wireless or via a router) for a small business. Cable installations (NTL) have also been carried out (both via Ethernet (preferred) or USB). (Please note that broadband services require 5-10 days previous to our visit to be ‘activated’ in most cases. Contact me for further assistance if required.) 

Building/Supply of second-user PC equipment 

Occasionally used to supply quick replacement PC’s or loan PC’s when machines are in for repair, these computers can also be used for recovery of customer data. 

Site survey and support 

Some of the small to medium businesses need their requirements thoroughly checked and a report prepared detailing their requirements, as well as approximate costs. A written report is also included as part of the survey, if required. Surveys can also include a list of recommended equipment and suppliers quotes. 

Custom written help guides/manuals 

These manuals are usually written in conjunction with the ‘one-to-one’ training courses mentioned earlier, but some guides are available to customers via email or for download as e-books (examples available on request, subject to client confidentiality). 

Web design services for individuals and small businesses 

Sites can be either designed from scratch or made using pre-defined templates in stock. To see examples of these sites, please contact us for a list.

Providing multimedia content for web sites 

Contact the office with your requirements. We can produce media in most file formats, and have produced short documentaries for website and DVD use.

Desktop Publishing and design, including low volume print runs 

Contact me for further details stating your requirements (including timescale and volume). Examples include adding print to existing printed cards (overprinting), as well as producing greeting cards, postcards or other items for small business publicity items or charities.


Also, if there is any item that you require of a similar nature not mentioned here, please contact me and I would be glad to look into it for you. 

LCCD is committed to providing you with the very best service at an affordable price. We do not charge for travel if local to Worthing, for further afield please contact us for details; to give you an idea of our fees, services start at £20.00 per hour.